Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Women

I was dragged out to see this by friends, I'm not one to watch Chick Flicks as a rule... But... I really enjoyed this one, just plain old classic stuff done really well with a good cast!

I must say, one of the things I disliked about The Dark Knight was the lack of a female presence, which was certainly not felt in this movie!

The Story is a remake of a 1939 m0vie, and is basically as the title describes, about women! One Woman's husband is having an affair with another woman, and most of the movie revolves around how to deal with this problem as her friends are all there to give her guidance!

As concerning the emotional side, it seemed to touch all the right chords just at the perfect time.

Really well done movie on a whole, but not quite a classic.

There's enough content there for the thinker, and great laughs, and in parts promotes a wonderful feel-good atmosphere, just the perfect movie if you want one to relax to!

Movie rating: 8.75/10


Nick said...

This is more than top heavy, unless your talking about Eva's cleveage.

How rating would you give "Death Proof"? That way I can work out your scoring.


Mbuckingham said...

Sorry Nick, never actually seen Death Proof...


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