Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Movie Fan's Travel Guide: China

China is fast becoming a new Hollywood, I have heard people say it's like Hollywood in the 60s but with better graphics!

In China you will have the chance to visit the sets of the popular Chinese movies such as: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Emperor and the Assassin, House of Flying Daggers, Etc.

There are also some great acting talents coming from there too now: Jet Li, Jacki Chan, Zhang Yiyi. it may be possible for you to get a little glimpse as they go about creating their current movies (though most of them would be in Hollywood)

There's no doubt that Hollywood is still the king of movie-making, but China is certainly making a good attempt at taking their place!


Justin said...

Good post! :) I found a site that i think you will like a lot,

Mbuckingham said...

Thanks for the link Justin :)

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