Friday, 19 September 2008

A Movie Fan's Travel Guide: New Zealand

New Zealand is easily home to the fantasy genre. Lord of the Rings was made and filmed there, the Narnia movies were filmed there, King Kong too, and also The Water Horse, so for someone crazy about fantasy movies, it's the perfect place to go!

There are currently tours being given around New Zealand for anyone the see the scenery used in both the Lord of the Rings and Narnia movies, and in reality, I think it's worth the holiday, there are a number of places that you will still be able to recognise from the movies, but a also a lot that wold be hardly recognisable at all. But to see these places can certainly open your eyes to what effort Peter Jackson and Andrew Adamson went through to create a world so unlike ours, yet still holding a humanly beauty.

In recent times two famous directors have come fron New Zealand:

One is Peter Jackson, the acclaimed director of Lord of the Rings and King Kong. Jackson is currently working with Del Toro in creating the Lord of the Rings prequel: The Hobbit, and is also working with Steven Spielberg in creating a movie trilogy adaptation of the popular "Tintin" graphic novels.

The second famous New Zealand director is Andrew Adamson, director of the Narnia Movies and of the Shrek movies, so a very accomplished director. Adamson will not be directing the third Narnia movie, but will produce, with director Michael Apted at the helm.

As far as actors are concerned, New Zealand has it's fair share but no more. A couple famous acting talents are: Karl Urban (Eomer from Lord of the Rings) and Anna Paquin (Rogue from X-Men)

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