Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Dark Knight- final review!

Why so serious?

A few days ago I wrote a rather controversial review on The Dark Knight. I said I'd like to watch it one more time before I gave my final review... I have watched it again!
I've decided I'm going to change the name: from now on it will be called "The Joker", I decided it was more his film than Batman's, and looking at it from that point of view, I could see the picture as very touching, The joker is a really sad charcter, and really has quite a bit of feeling attached to him!
So in reality, I still love the joker, but hate Batman in this film!
The second watch was certainly useful, as I started to understand the story a lot better... there seems to be far too much to take in on one viewing. So I'd certainly recommend to all you out there, that you go and see this film for the second time.
I thouroughly enjoyed this film, but I can't quite rate it as a classic. still looking forward to the third film!
Movie rating: 9/10 (mostly for The Joker!)

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