Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Movie Rating system explained

I thought it might be best just to qualify the meanings of my rating system (10/10, 8.25/10, 4.5/10 etc)

They are more than just a comparison between films.

I tend to be very top heavy in my ratings and most reviews will be above 5/10 unless unusually bad.

10/10 Are the best movies ever!

9/10 + means that it is a real classic

8/10 + it is a good movie

5/10 + means the company and director Etc. has made a good effort in creating what they hoped to be a good movie

I believe all movies have their own form of art and utilize it their own way, and thus ought to get some recognition for it

I thought it was well time for some explanation of my rating system.


Andy said...

What ratings people give in online social media is certainly a mute point as if I'm not bothered either way about something I'm less likely to try or review it.

I would say though that next time you're about to give a film 10/10 just think of the great Japanese proverb... "The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement"

Mbuckingham said...

I will note that a 10/10 is a very rare thing for me, even though on this blog I have given 3 10/10s to date, it merely means that I have rated the better films sooner... But you are completely right, a reviewer that gives a good review to all his movies, it tends to lower the value of a 10/10!

If gold was very common, it wouldn't be a thing of value!

I realise I am talking a whole load of nonsense...

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