Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Gone Baby Gone

New to DVD!

Ben Afleck's directoral debut is like no other film you will find, very original!

A little girl is gone missing, our hero must search all of his untoward contacts in order to find her... when he does find the girl it is not in the way that he had expected...

This movie is relentless, it is a drama in the legend of "Good Will Hunting" yet this movie refuse to be a clone and will never resort to being a general "feel-good" movie!

I basically just got this movie because it was exclusive to Blockbuster, and I'm not usually a fan of the Drama genre, as I tend to think of them as an excuse for poor plotline... But this movie is relentless, excellent original storyline!

Crime, Guilt, Family, Love, all to be found in this movie, a wonderful mix of emotions!

Starring Cassey Afleck, Michelle Monaghan, Meg Ryan, Ed Harris, and Morgan Freeman, A great cast, Ed Harris is particularly good in this movie!

Movie Rating 9/10

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