Thursday, 18 September 2008

Blu-ray Update

I mentioned at the beginning of the month that I had moved over to Blu-ray, so just a bit of an update on what I think:

I'm personally very pleased with Blu-ray, the quality is much better, but I wouldn't call it a completely necessary upgrade. Blu-ray is the perfect upgrade for anyone that is CRAZY about movies, but for anyone else, DVD can perform just as well for most movies. In reality most movies don't need the extra speeds that Blu-ray has to offer, being made to be compatible with DVD they tend to make thing optimised for DVD!

  • But there are a few points in which Blu-ray excels:

  • The initial impression of the movies that I hadn't previously watched have been very good, though it may be just that the movies they pick to go onto Blu-ray are just the better movies...

  • Action works really well on Blu-ray as the lens is said to be 4 times faster

  • There seems to be more colours on Blu-ray

  • This may seem only a little change, but with High Definition it is much easier to see the eyes, which it reality adds another eliment to the movie, as the eyes tell so much about what someone is thinking!

So try to hold off from Blu-ray as long as you can, but if you can't wait, go ahead and buy it, and enjoy it!


Simon said...

Blue-ray wont ever be massive. It's all about digital downloads in the future. BR is stuck between being new but not accessible enough.

High-Def downloads are the future!

Mbuckingham said...

O I should think Blu-ray will happen, but I doubt it will be adopted by customers, but pushed by the movie labels...

But I'm personally quite pleased with the quality, but just don't believe it will appeal to the general public.

simon said...

"Blu-Ray Won't Last Five Years, Some May Consider Waiting It Out"

told you ;-)

Mbuckingham said...

At the moment we have a large number of people buying DVDs when perhaps all they need to do is download them off the Internet, these are the people that are gradually moving over to Blu-ray. But I do agree that downloads will encompass blu-ray eventually, but in many years to come...

I'm willing to bet on that :D

Anonymous said...

I have seen a few HD TVs and I've been really impressed with the quality. I would enjoy getting one in the near future, but I am choosing to hold off on getting Blu-ray discs for the one purpose that they are incredibly expensive. I also think digital media will become a bigger medium.

One thing that is nice about HD is my Xbox 360 will look amazing on it.

Blu-ray is a great idea for games, but the future looks a bit shady on whether it will be the next DVD.

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