Saturday, 13 September 2008

Disaster Movie

Was Disaster Movie really a disaster?

I've heard a few reviews calling Disaster Movie a real disaster... But I'm not going to be quite so harsh... It should really appeal to the geater part of movie goers as it spoofs off most the good movies over the past year!

References to 10,000 BC, Wanted, even Highschool Musical and Hannah Montana make their appearance, not to mention all our Superheros of the year, including: Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Hancock, and Hellboy. A couple other cool characters make their appearance: Juno and Gizzelle from Enchanted... So really why did this movie not take off so well?

I have only watch one other of their movies: Superhero Movie, so I'm not really one for the comparisons, but I must say this one wasn't quite as good as the previous Superhero Movie... (perhaps there's just too many songs in this movie...)

But I must say I found it quite amusing how they used Hellboy (and Prince Caspian).

So my verdict is: it's a pretty fun watch for someone that's kept up with movies in the past year, but if not... you may find it slightly tedious.

It's funny in parts

too much singing

no storyline to talk of

That just about sums it!

Movie Rating: 6.75/10

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