Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Duchess

"There were three people in her marriage"

Starring every guy's favorite: Keira Knightley! That should be enough to get anyone interested!

Keira plays the Duchess of Devonshire, but there are perhaps a few problems between her and her husband.. which sets the whole tone for the storyline.

A tale of glamour and beauty coupled with betrayal and broken love!

This is a typical BBC (Brittish Broadcasting Corporation) movie, very simular to their previous The Other Boleyn Girl, Classic storyline, perhaps one or two really good actors, but mediocre everything else! So if you want a good storyline, you come to the perfect place!

Set in good Old England, the scenery will dazzle you, and it's certainly a good watch!

I personally enjoyed seeing a lot of Keira Knighley in the movie.. but thought it dragged on just a little too much, but nonetheless, a really good story!

I love the way that she's relly popular in that movie though!

Movie Rating: 8.25/10


GabK said...

...on the contrary, I found it too short, or her character too passive, 'silent' rather - maybe because I like women issues, I am obviously interested in UK history and am in love in Ralph since Wuthering Hights:) ...seriously, I think the films is a show of good acting and one of those that leave out a lot from the book (her feelings, emotions, did she have any friends? etc) so I am just about to read it, to check if I am not mistaken...

Mbuckingham said...

ok kool, I'd love to hear your comments on the book :)

To be truthful, I think the acting was superb too!

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