Wednesday, 29 October 2008

High School Musical 3

I personally really liked this movie, and I think it's well worth the name that the first movie won!

Innocence has been lost in this movie, Troy's and Gabriella's lives are much more comlicated now, it really feels like they have grown up.

The director does a very good job of playing with the emotions, though I thought that the movie took a little while to properly start going.

Music-wise, I don't think it quite stood up to the first movie, a talented singing style has been substituted for a catchy tune, which I did enjoy, and perhaps helped in making the movie feel move complex. So I commend the director on what he did, but would have liked to have had Troy and Gabriella sing one final soft song mixed with a good singing talent!

The movie has some wonderful choreography which is very pleasing to the eyes!

All in all the movie is a very pleasant watch, and I'll recommend it to all my readers!

Movie Rating: 8.75/10


hewardsion said...

Sure high school musical is the movie have touch young hearts very much. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens at there 3rd year, but what I feel like was I am at the 3rd year and willing to get separated. Love the movie from the start. Watch the movie using internet with my favorite site it is one to watch. Hope that every youngster will watch this movie.

WallyDaG said...

We loved the High School Musical movies so much, we built a web site where anyone can be a star! Check it out!

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benny said...

Me and my daughter just been to see watch high school musical 3 with alot of expectations and it was brilliant.

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