Friday, 3 October 2008

Empire Top 500: 1-4

I have decided that I will watch all of Empire's top 500 movies in turn... And here I will give you a little summary of what I think!

Empire's top 500 movies is the most accurate movie rating system yet (in my opinion). Basically they are a magazine, and they asked all their readers to vote for the best movie of all time, the poll spanned over 10,000 people. But that wouldn't make the "Best" movie ranking system, so they brought in 150 actors, directors, composers, etc, to give their vote (Obviously their vote waas a lot more heavy than a general reader), and in adition 50 professional movie critics were invited to vote. So in my opinion it is eassily the best ranking system of all time. Though, like any poll, there's always a few points in which it fails, which I will point out later on.

  1. The Godfather This is a pure classic and can be enjoyed by anyone, including people that aren't particularly fans of the genre (like me). The movie follows one of the families of the Mafia, and is much more than just a "shoot him down" movie. It beautifully explores the concept of family, and is a very gentle movie letting you take it all in at your own pace, without being tedious... It certainly deserves it's place as The Best Movie Ever though I would have said that about a few other really good movies!

  2. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's first Indianna Jones movie (though perhaps I'm not the right person to ask about this as I prefered the 4th one... sure I'm going to get loads of comments now!

  3. Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back This is easily the best movie ever and I'm very pleased it got so high on the list, please be quiet Star Wars haters, just take this as a cool movie, it was never meant to be a scientific enigma!

  4. The Shawshank Redemption


celebrityscraps said...

Everyone knows "Empire" is the best Star Wars film.

Only deluded retards would think Jedi is better...

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good rating system. I think's is pretty good too. They do ten star ratings for all movies in their database, and people vote on them. There are hundreds of thousands of votes.

What I think makes it great is that the only votes that count are from users who frequently vote. That way you don't get all the fans from the latest High School Musical movie giving it ten stars right after they see it. They will probably mostly be users who don't vote very often, and they won't count. It only pays attention to serious voters.

I don't know what the cutoff is, but I try to vote every time I see a movie. It's a neat system.

Mbuckingham said...

Hey thanks Ben, I'll check into the IMDb rating system, I thought it was all based on views per page, but sounds really good to me. I ought to star writing a few reviews for them I think!

CELEBRITYSCRAPS: certainly! I agree, the stakes are much higher in Empire than in the other Star Wars movies... Excellent movie!

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