Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Saw 5

There have been a few concerns about this movie being not as good as the previous ones! But to put your mind at rest, if you are a Saw fan, you will certainly enjoy this movie! Get out to the cinema if you can!

But I am going to have to agree that it has lost a lot of the glory of the previous films! I find it builds up too much on previous movies making it somewhat hard to follow along with!

The movie is created in the same style as the previous movies, but with a new director, obviously things will have to change!

To me it felt as if I was seeing just an ordinary Hollywod movie pretending to be one of the Saw movies! I'm not dissing it because it was a good movie, just not as good as the rest of the franchise!

I'm looking forward to Saw 6 anyway and I think the director will be able to learn from his mistakes!

The game in this movie was done quite well, and I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Overall this movie was quite good, just not as good as the previous movies!

Movie Rating: 8.25/10

Lots of blood! I love blood! :)


Mr Nobody said...

Dude, far too mant exclamation marks!


Anonymous said...

every sentance had an exclamation mark...wtf

saw films suck too

Mbuckingham said...

Lol you're right! I guess I use exclamation marks too much!!!!

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