Monday, 20 October 2008

Bayona: Del Toro's second half!

We all want more movies from Del Toro, but he seems to be working himself really hard at the moment with directing Hollywood's most covetted movies: The Hobbit, along with co-authoring 3 vampire books...

It seems though that we have a second Del Toro to take on the movies that Del Toro is unable to direct because of not having enough time...

JA Bayona director of this year's blockbuster horror "The Orphanage" is helming his first english language movie: Hater, due to come out some time 2010.

If Bayona can successfully pull-off this movie like he did with The Orphanage, I don't see what's holding him back from taking on a few more of Del Toro's unfinished productions!

I will remind you that Del Toro had a few years without any movies to direct, in which he spent his time writing out some really gripping scripts (most of which haven't made their way to the big screen).

So it looks like we will soon be enjoying movies from another master director!

What do you think about this? comment below!

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