Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Bollywood Superhero Fantasy!

Sounds quite original huh? Well yes and no, it is original, but it's still got that popular fantasy style which will endear it to viewers of not only Bollywood movies, but also the who movie fanbase (as long as you like fantasy).

Drona's life changes dramatically when he realises that he is no ordinary person, he learns to realise that he is the only person in the world that can stop the ever proceding apocalypse... Follow his fantastical journey which will bear a healthy resemblance to Jim Henson's Labyrinth.

What immediately struck me was that this movie is exceedingly beautiful, wonderful colours and a treat for your eyes. There is some great action in there too.

I really enjoyed the movie, and hope that my readers will also have the same enjoyment that I partook of!

It's the first Bollywood movie I have seen, and it was a great experience, so I hope to break into the genre a bit more in the future so stay posted!
Hey also watch out for the little cameo of an Indian Gandalf the White :)

Movie Rating: 9.25/10

Coming soon: City of Ember, and Mutant Chronicles

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