Tuesday, 14 October 2008

City Of Ember

Finally a bit more fantasy, felt a bit starved at cinema for fantasy, which it quite strange as it's the most popular movie genre!

For all you fantasy fans out there: I give you "City Of Ember".

What is the City of Ember? It is a city built underground to keep out the darkness.

Mission: To find if there is life outside the City...

To Accomplish the mission we will be drawn into a trilling adventure from an apocalyptic world!

You may think that this is mearly a child's movie but I assure you that the tension is so, that it will grasp anyone's attention throughout the movie!

It's not a complicated story, wonderful graphics, and all so beautifully told, just the perfect movie to relax too, and satisfy the movie addiction you probably caught with Lord of the Rings and Spiderman!

This can easily be the best movie of this Fall!


Movie Rating: 9/10


Simon said...

have to disagree again...

this is a movie which took a good idea from the book but forgot to add anything to it. the book didnt ever really get out of 2nd gear and also never truly painted the right picture for what this should have looked like.

the characters dont get time to evolve and we are not given enough background on them to care if they live or die really.

this is a kids film as is made obvious by the lazy use of action sequences most of us have seen in 50 other movies...


Mbuckingham said...

Thanks for the comment Simon, I haven't read the book, and thus cannot comment on it!

jesminlaz said...

I haven’t read the book so for me it is a brand new experience but for my fellow friends they got it boring. But I think whether I have read it early I may enjoy it. Certain things to remember grate camera work also http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com helps me to have good picture quality even I watch it at home

Mbuckingham said...

Yeah thanks for your comment Jesminiaz!

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