Tuesday, 4 November 2008

New Film Rating System

Ok, yeah I've given up on the old 10/10 rating system, and I'm going to adopt a 5 star rating system instead!

It's more professional, and much easier to rate!

The average should be just above 2. with 3 being a fairly good movie 4 being very good and 5 are the best ever movies! and a bad movie is 1.

Here are a few for you to digest for now!

Iron Man (3 stars)

Indianna Jones 4 (4 stars)

Incredible Hulk (2 Stars)

The Dark Knight (4 Stars)

Hellboy 2 (5 Stars)


Mike said...

I'll go for 5 stars also on Hellboy that was a fantastic movie..but i already got a deep discount dvd copy of this movie..awesome..here is a little trivia about this movie the lead actor was been choosen to play the role of picolo for Dragon Ball Z 2009 but refuses due to this movie...

Mbuckingham said...

Hey Mike, that's really interesting, I know Ron Perlman's quite busy with all the roles directors are asking him to play... I guess cuz he has a really distinct face, makes him really invaluable!

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