Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Excellent movie! Really scary!

Before I watched this, I wasn't aware that Americans could make good horror, but this one is extremely well developed, building on the principle set by foreign horror directors!

The movie's off to a great start as the director realises that a great horror movie needs a gripping music score! So Oscar nominee Javier Naverrete (Pan's Labyrinth) was contracted! Navarette create a trilling music score which scares the living daylights out of you!

The movie is easily rated as one of the scariest of the year!

The story line is very good for a horror movie (which tend to think that jumps can substitute a good story...)

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and hope that my readers will give it a try!

By the time you've finished watching the movie, you will be really scared of mirrors! I even threw out all my mirrors.

Movie Rating: 9.25/10


celebrityscraps said...

Yeah... this film made me jump in more than a few occasions...


Ending "mirrored" a certain other film tho....

Silent Hill

Mbuckingham said...

Silent Hill...? Can't really see the comparison.. (?)

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