Monday, 18 August 2008

You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Real Jewish humor!

I thought Zohan was an excellent movie... I have spent quite a length of time in a Jewish community and Jews certainly have a woderful sense of Humor, as is easily noticeable from this movie!

The Zohan used to be Isreals best superhero counter terrorist, his greatest Nemesis being the Phantom... But Zohan has a dream! He wants to cut and style hair! He runs off to America to fulfil his dreams... and is immediately one of the most popular hairdressers of all time... But he meats with one or two problems down the road, coupled with quite some heavy laughs!

It is a comedy the you don't mess with!

Starring the famous Jewish comedian: Adam Sandler!

Movie rating: 9/10

parental guidance?

What have other reviewers said?

You’ll laugh, but you’ll laugh more if you’ve spent time in Israel, it seems.

Really cool movie!

It takes political incorrectness to a whole new level. The stereotyping alone makes it worth going to see, as it is sheer genius.

Now, this is a very amusing movie, and I highly recommend you guys to go watch it, if only once is enough.

Zohan was typical Happy Madison. Funny for what it is, but Portuguese subtitles are distracting.

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