Thursday, 21 August 2008

Alias (2001-2006)

Courtesy of a friend, I was lent all 5 seasons of Alias (42 mins for each episode, 22 episodes to a season, that's a lot of viewing time!)

To say the least, I became addicted to Alias, and watches about 3 hours of it a night. That is an example of how engrossing the storyline is!

Excellent storyline, some really cool characters, and some really mysterious mysteries. Obsession, Love, Hate, Cruelty. Alias has it all!

The story follows the life of a CIA agent called Sydney Bristow as she battles against the people that would let their obsession destroy the world. She will have to employ many different Aliases to keep herself anonymous, but always there's the old nemesis there to try to stop her in her tracks!

What I really like about Alias is: There is no two characters the same, there is a wealth of interesting characters, It's non-stop action all the way through.

You won't get bored I promise you.

(JJ Abrams is currently in talks to start creating another TV series called Fringe)


celebrityscraps said...

JJ Abrams is very good. If you havn't got into Lost i recommend you do.

Also check out the next film he's doing. "Starfleet Academy"

Mbuckingham said...

Thanks, Celebrityscraps! I think I ought to watch Lost...

For Information, JJ Abram's Star Trek:

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