Friday, 29 August 2008

The Hobbit Reconstructed (Part 1)

Warning: Contains lots of spoilers, don't bother reading if you haven't read the book!

I thought it might be quite interesting to see if I can construct the way in which I believe, at this moment in time, how the Hobbit movie is going to turn out.

My sources are taken from news, and understanding how Del Toro and Peter Jackson work, and also by what will really sell the movie, and obviously by reading the original source: the book.

So here it goes, I'd like to hear what you think... and I'm sure this movie will be 10 times better on screen than in writing.

A couple things to note before we start: The visuals will be very stunning, probably the best visuals to come out on screen, it'll be a beautiful film. The music will also be spectacular, as both Del Toro and Peter Jackson rate it as essential for the movie!

The movie will open with Ian Holm narrating about the way in which Illuvatar created middle earth, a pure world, but then in comes the rings, trying to take over, and he will again narrate the story of the great battle of the ring where Issildor defeated Sauron.

We see old Bilbo was telling the story to a few of the young hobbits at his 111th birthday party (as in the Lord of the Rings)

Ian Holm will not play the younger Bilbo though...

Gandalf (cofirmed to be played by Sir Ian McKellen) tells Bilbo that he's going to help them on an adventure.

In time Bilbo meets with the dwarves (it is my feeling that there will be a few less dwarves as too many dwarves would be hard to keep track of)

And the set off on their adventure.

By chance they are caught by Trolls, and if you have read the book you will know how they were rescued. (you can see an example of Del Toro's vision of a troll by looking in the Troll Market in Hellboy 2)

They come safe to Rivendell and we will again see cameo roles from Hugo Weaving and Liv Tyler, with perhaps a reference to Aragorn too.

Elrond presents them with weapons, this will be a good time the get all emotional and understand a bit about the characters, as these weapons will one day save their lives!

Continued here

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