Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Actor of the year: John Hurt

I name John Hurt actor of the year for 3 exceptional performances this year.

Professor Seldom in The Oxford Murders

John Hurt plays an Oxford mastermind who helps his young student unravel a mysterious muder case. Brilliant acting, and a brilliant film, well worth the watch if you can get hold of the DVD.

Professor Oxley in Indiana Jones 4

Hurt plays a mad-man, you could almost believe Hurt was mad himself, certainly look this film up, your missing something if you don't.

Professor Broom in Hellboy 2

Hurt again comes back to play the beloved role of the professor in charge of the BPRD. This time he narrates his own story. Exceptional!

Now that I notice it, his characters have all been professors!


celebrityscraps said...

Sorry Shaka .... if i had to choose between John Hurt and a shit statue crafted by a dyslexic paraplegic.. the shit statue would win hands down.... Hurt's perfornace in Indy was utter shite... there are tramps roaming the town centre of Oxford late on a friday night who are more worthy.... seriously... Indy 4 was shite.... fucking aliens!!!1... whatever!!!... you know I'm, right!

Mbuckingham said...

Come on mate, Indi 4 was never meant to be a theoretical debate... It's purely fun movie, and that's what you need to take it for!

And I'm still holding to the belief that Hurt played a marvelous part in there!

celebrityscraps said...

Worst bit about Indy 4 was they said they would use minimal special effects.... then right at the end Spielburg gave in to Lucas and let him "turn the special effects handle"... argg.. and Lucas blantently knew Spielberg would go for the crap ET plotline cos of ET!... I'd have been soo much happier if they'd gone into the temple and everone but Indy was crushed by a huge boulder.

As for Hurt.... he hardly spoke any lines in the film!.. apart from the odd bit of gibberish!

Sorry Shaka.... wrong on that one..

Mbuckingham said...

kk then you've got one or two points so I'll let you win this argument just this once :D

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