Saturday, 16 August 2008

Star Wars 2.5: The Clone Wars

What's all this nonsense?

This is the film to set off a new Star Wars television series... I've not got too much hope for it...

I watched this film last night and I was thoroughly shocked.... I was expecting quite a bit more from George Lucas.

This is a children's film and not for the major audience that the original Star Wars movies attracted...

This may satisfy part of the hunger of a Star Wars fan, but will thoroughly disappointed his true self!

My praise will go to a good script, although a little childish... story line was usual star wars material... in fact it could have been a great movie if it was done properly, like the other 6 movies!

So I'm entirely disappointed in Lucas at the moment.

If you are a big Star Wars fan, go watch it to satisfy your curiosity... but if you aren't a fan... just don't bother with this film.

Bad Points:

Not much happens
Missing the good acting talent of the original movies

(I'm sure I could come up with more but they are the main problems)

Good Points:

It's a Star Wars movie
Fairly good script

That's it!

Movie Rating 4.75/10

What have other reviewer said?

It looks like a promising series, especially with original creator George Lucas co-writing the series. The film, however, gets a… Grade: B

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review (Verdict: The First Star Wars Movie You Will Truly Hate)

So is The Clone Wars a good film? Yes. And No.

George Lucas is turning into the enemy of fun.

The new Star Wars, umm, film "The Clone Wars" has opened to very negative reviews,


Inspirational said...

Seems like a bad movie, but I don't think a movie is bad if it's 3D I love 3D it's what I do, animation is cool but if done wrong, yeah it can be bad . . .

Mbuckingham said...

yeah I'm not saying animation is bad, but it should only be used as far as normal acting can't go, so like in Lord of the Rings a lot of the creatures were animated because a real animal wouldn't be able to do some of the stunts... that's good use of animation... but a Star Wars movie is way better as a live action movie. In my opinion!

Simon said...

firstly can i point out that lucas did not write or direct this, he helped produce it and that was it.

i saw it last night and being an over obsessed star wars fan i was quite dissapointed. i have to say though that the cartoon clone wars from 2004 was much better, that really 'joined the dots' and this somehow doesnt seem to fit anywhere really. im hoping that come the fall when the tv series is out it will make the film seem better and more relevant. guess were see.

id recommend everyone that hasnt watched the clone wars mini series to watch that instead first, its brilliant, much more stylish and defo not childish even though its a cartoon.

for once id prob agree with your rating. which kinda sucks being as this is a star wars flick!

roll on the live action tv series in 2010!!!!!!!!!!

Mbuckingham said...

Lucas created the story.. which, I think, would have been really good if it had a good script writer and director to oversee it.

Simon, thanks for the recommendation, I will have a look at those cartoon clone wars!

And as you say: roll on the live action tv series in 2010!!!!!!!!!!

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