Monday, 11 August 2008

X-Files: I Want to Believe

I really didn't think too much to this movie.... it had one or two cool ideas... but the rest seemed a bit slow and iritating, no cool action... perhaps that's just me?

I never watched any of the television series or the previous film, but this film wors as a standalone, though I think maybe a little more info on the characters may have been an advantage... I enjoyed parts of the film anyway, but can't compare to the previous as I've never seen it.

If you have seen this film, I'd love to hear your views!

Movie rating: 6.75/10


Simon said...

hang on...

you cant watch this movie not EVER having seen ANY of the previous x-files!!!

i mean thats like watching revenbge of the sith never having seen any of the previous star wars films!

of course its going to seem strange and nothing will make sense!

i shall be seeing this film tuesday and having watched the series since its conception in 1992 i shall add my 2 cents later...

Mbuckingham said...

yeah exactly my sentiments, please tell me what you think!

celebrityscraps said...

I'll be interesteed to see how they pick up this film cos I'm pretty sure Mulder was a fugative from the government at the end of the series.

simon said...


very dissapointed. the alien storylines are more believable than this installment of the series!

nothing really happened, 2 headed dogs my foot and also they just kinda of swept under the carpet 8 years of mulder living away from the FBI. coulda done alot better.

still thankfully the relationship and chemistry between mulder & scully was as good as ever and kept the film going to an extent.

hope we dont have to wait another 10 years though for the next film!

Mbuckingham said...

Cool Cheers for posting Simon!

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