Friday, 22 August 2008

Tips for keeping up-to-date in the Movie world!

I thought it might be a good idea to give all you readers a few tips on how to keep up-to-date in the Movie world.

  1. Most important thing is to have a keen interest in films... This keeps your attention on your goal!
  2. Keep watching movies, watch as many as you can!
  3. Try to keep regular visiting Cinemas... It gives you a general idea of what's out there
  4. When you hear about a film for the first time, check it up on IMDb, take special notice of the director and the cast, you will learn to recognise them after a while!
  5. I'm sure there are films not yet come out that you are interested in, if so you can add your search term to Google Alerts and get updates every day... Be the first to know who's been cast and when the release date is!
  6. Regularly read general movies blogs like this one!
  7. It may be adviseable for you to write about the information that you gather, write a blog or something, gets it out of your system!
  8. Join an online movie forum, talk to other people that have simular movie tastes to you, hear their views and tell them yours! I regularly go on Armory Digital Forums, it has a great movie section, and perfectly suited to my needs, you may prefer something different, you just have to find a place suited to your tastes

I hope these tips are useful, I'll keep you updated on new techniques!


Andrew said...

Hey Shaka,

I think it's also good to explore some of the traditional media for opinions about film. You should check out his article from the Guardian Guide on why so many bad Hollywood films are made

Also I can recommend Mark Kermode's show with Simon Mayo on Five Live see he has a great interview with Del Torres this week. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Mbuckingham said...

Cheers Andrew, I very rarely use traditional media sources, to my shame, but they are very useful too... thanks for the links!

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