Tuesday, 5 August 2008


OK, tonight I go see Hellboy 2. So to get ready for it I watched the original Hellboy for about the 4th time... (It does deserve that many viewings)

I understand it didn't go down too well with the average cinema-goer, but they were all expecting for the usual Hollywood movie, with very little imagination. Take Hellboy for what it really is and you will learn to absolutely love this film!

Hellboy is a Cult Classic, and certainly does deserve the title "classic".

For you people that have already seen hellboy and don't like it, I will be writing a spoiler review in the coming days which will help you to better understand the values of Hellboy.
I will not accept negative comments until you have read this upcoming review!

Hellboy is a demon from the blackest darkness of ~Hell... but he wants to fit in and help humanity... join him as he facest the darkest of foes... wonderful fight scenes, and the emotional touch!

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Starring Ron Perlman, John Hurt, Selma Blair, and Jeffrey Tambor.

Movie Rating: 10/10

coming soon: Hellboy 2


Angel said...

dude u certainly seem to be ahellboy fan...gr8 movie too...evn the 2nd one

Mbuckingham said...

Welcome to my Blog Angel! you're right I am really a Hellboy fan! I saw the new one last night... I just can't get over how good it was!

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