Friday, 11 July 2008

Saturn and The End Of Days

This is a proposed film to be directed by Del Toro. The film has been mentioned to be complete in 2011, though that will be the time that he is working on The Hobbit, so most likely will be done 2013, unless he gives it to another director...

The story follows a young boy, as he walks home the end of the World starts, The Apocalypse. Expected to be an extremely experimental film, this will certainly satisfy the more adventurous of Del Toro's fans!

Hellboy 3 is also expected to be about the apocaplypse, so it looks like Del Toro is trying to prepare us for the day that the world is destroyed! Not very often done in films, so will be quite a unique experience. So don't miss out on all the news I will post about it in the future.

more to come.

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