Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Controversial Discussion: the latter Star Wars trilogy is better than the earlier

Which Star Wars trilogy is better, episodes 4-6 (starting with A New Hope) or the newer episodes 1-3?

I think the new trilogy is a lot better than the old ones, though this is a much debated subject.

The newer trilogy is highlighted by first class graphics, which are rather outdated in the old trilogy, which seems to detract from the enjoyability of the first trilogy.

The newer trilogy also holds an A-Class cast, which seems more suited to their possitions than the old trilogy had. Natalie Portman acts more like a princess heroine than Carrie Fisher did.

The newer trilogy also seems to hold a more emotional value than the first trilogy did, and also holds more dramatic tension than the first series did, as is highlighted by the superb pod-race in Episode I.

There are more interesting characters in the newer series such as Jar-Jar binks and the gun-guns which, I think, adds a lot more character to the movies.

Please tell me your views!


Ben Der said...

Starwars was Fabulous, chewies hair was so sexy, i love that guy!!

Rob said...

Oh Shaka, shaka, shaka.

All I can say is wrong, wrong, WRONG! Revenge of the Sith was good, I will give you that. But Attack of the Clones, and that other film that I cannot even bear to write (it pains me so much) is comparable to a steaming pile of cinematic turd.

"The newer trilogy also seems to hold a more emotional value than the first trilogy did"

Are you referring to Padme and Anakins relationship? No you can't be, Portman and Christensen would be better suited playing Pinochio, their acting was so wooden.

I could carry on, but can't as need to get back to work. Maybe later.


Yoda said...

It seems to me like you need your eyes tested! CGI kiss my ass!

evensteven said...

OMG shakadoodle! where to begin!? ...i couldn't wait for that stupid pod-race to end so i left the cinema for a ciggie and thankfully was not allowed back in to finish the rest of the film!

Mbuckingham said...

I admit that Anakin and Padme's relationship was crap! you haver that, but the pod race was one of the greatest moments in movie history.

CGI really enhances the films in the newer series!

evensteven said...

'CGI really enhances the films in the newer series!'
*ahem* CGI ruined the entire saga because CGI was the only point of the latter trilogy ... that and to make some easy money!

Mbuckingham said...

CGI is not all there is to the movie, the stories set the tones to the earlier series and thus delve deeper into characters, building strongly on Anakin's character of greed and revenge which finally brought him to destruction, yet we see that there is yet some good left in him.

How can you tell me that it is all about the CGI?

Alec said...

it's hard to know where to begin.

1. most of the cgi looks like it was done in ms paint
2. jarjarbinks made my toes curl with so much embarassment that all my footbones snapped and i had to have them replaced, with rocks.
3. 'younglings'
4. trying to empathise with anakin is impossible as he is clearly 'a total knob'

I enjoyed I, II and III but they are in no way superior to IV, V and VI

Tom said...

To even hint at a suggestion of a mere idea that any of the unquestionable tripe served up in I, II and III in any way shape or form came within a gnat's cock of a hair's breadth of being anywhere close to IV, V and VI (or as I like to call them - Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi...come on people, I know you're with me on this) is laughable. Shaka, hang your freshly shorn head. Obviously the shaving of your locks robbed you of your reason. Got to your room and think about what you said to upset the nice people. Bad boy!

Mbuckingham said...

I will have you know that the CGI is often rated as some of the greatest in movie history.

Jar Jar Binks, was a wacky character that brought a bit of quaintness to the movie, and was great in bringing the "family" element into the picture.

Anakin is not there to sympathize with, but is there as a warning that our "good deeds" can be more harmful, than our bad deeds, Anakin was an ordinary person, and we can see elements of Lucas's life, regrets etc. ...

Mbuckingham said...

Tom! I disagree with you! my shorn head has cut out my doubts in excellent works of art!

MikeBisSilly said...

'CGI' mean Crappy Gayness InMovies. yes, InMovies is one word! get with the program!

Mbuckingham said...

CGI is great! you're just wrong! would you rather we stayed in the last century? we have to move on and get better!

dwayne...remember i told you! said...


ImWatchingYou said...

kinetic molecular theory?

dwayne...remember i told you! said...

KMT...Remember I Told You!!


Mbuckingham said...

I asked exactly the same question m8

Rich said...

I'm not really a Star Wars fan myself, but to say that having an A List cast improved the quality of the film doesn't really hold up. The script was so flat and two dimensional that there wasn't anything to care for, a script which the actors couldn't bring much to. As flat as George Lucas' personality (I'm so gonna get a load of crap for that . . . )

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