Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Back to the Future Trilogy (1989)

I am sending you Back to the Future!

Believe it or not, I had never seen these films before... until last night.

I must have been lost in the jungle while all the hype of Back to the Future was going on... don't know where I missed it...

So a part of me that was previously empty is now satisfied... 1 great film, previosly unwatched, now watched.

I watched all three films of the trilogy in 1 night, to enhance the experience. And it truly was an experience.

My first worry was that I would not get the 80s idea of a great film, (being a man of this centry) but I could really feel one with this film.

To my surprise all three film blended in perfectly with each other, and the visuals were just as impressive in today's terms as they were 20 years ago.

Need I say any more? surely you are all going to think I am some kind of alien for having never seen these films, but I think I can bear that. 1 more classic added to my "viewed" list!

Well directed by Zemeckis (I think Beowulf was a really good film too), and well scored by Alan Silvestri.

Movie rating 9/10

coming soon: The Dark Knight re-reviewed!


Dr E Brown said...

i bet you just want to download the big hits from the movies, like 'power of love' and 'jonny B good'.

Hot stuff shaka! 3 in one night is good going!

Alec said...


Anonymous said...

Which was your favourite of the three? Which was the worst? What was the best/most enjoyable part out of the trilogy?

Mbuckingham said...

I don't want to say one of the tree was better than the others, I thought they all fit in perfectly together, which really is to Zemeckis' commendment.

Dr E Brown, I do like Power of Love, I think it's a very nice song, and I'm crazy about films so I spend hours watching :)

John said...

Well worth watching again and again. One and three can exist on their own I think but two just leaves your hanging and doesn't feel as rounded. But two is still better than a whole load of movies.

Mbuckingham said...

Yeah 2 had a bit too much of a cliffhanger at the end... but because I watched all of them at once it didn't bother me, but I thought they all tied in well together!

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