Thursday, 10 July 2008

Alice in Wonderland: Alice Cast?

Acclaimed gothic fantasy director Tim Burton, is currently working on his movie adaption of Alice in Wonderland, working for Disney. The movie is due for a 2010 release and is expected to be a certain blockbuster... keep your eyes open for this one!

It has been rumoured that Ryan Nicole Parker has been cast as Alice. Isn't she a bit too old?

I think the role should be passed on to either Dakota Fanning or Jodelle Ferland... what do you think?



Inspirational said...

oh cool! So will this movie be a real feature film length one?? i think Ivana should play the part as Alice lol

Mbuckingham said...

yeah that was suggested by someone on the IMDb forums... I think it would be great if she could get the role, the girl they've chosen is way too old!

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