Friday, 4 July 2008


Out now in cinemas!

Staring Will Smith

The new superhero movie out for Independence Day.

Directed by Peter Berg , this movie has a bit for everyone to enjoy, a certain blockbuster.

It follows the story of a drunken superhero named Hancock (Smith) who does his best to do what all superheroes do: save the world. But Hancock is so influenced by alcohol that he makes a lot of mistakes, which end up meaning that he causes more trouble than he bargains for...

Yes, it has a very funny slant to the movie, yet you will find the emotional touch still there. A great movie, well worth the watch!

As far as graphics go, it is all mediocre, but gets the job done.

Very little violence, no sex. The film contains a variety of colorful phrases, but no strong language.

movie rating: 8.5/10

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