Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Dark Knight

"And here we go!"

The Dark Knight

I went to see this last night and first impressions were... Heath Ledger is superb!
Heath Ledger plays the villainous Joker with so much effort put into this great character, I will rate him the best Villain since Hannibal Lecter! Absolutely superb!

Music didn't let us down either, as ever James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer brought us a superb soundtrack as we all expected after seeing a superb trailer!

Cast was quite well picked too.

The only problem I found with the film was that... Director Christopher Nolan created a wonderful setting for a film, but as far as I could see, NO FILM CAME... what was to point in the film? Have I missed the point of the film? [spoiler! Highlight to view] The climax seemed just to be Batman saving a family from dying... surely they could have had a better climax, most superheroes save the world, or save a girl they love or something... where was the climax? [End spoiler]

As it goes I am thinking the first film was much better, though Heath Ledger makes a flawed movie into a gem- a movie that you cannot miss...

One other thing that bothered me about this film:
[spoiler! Highlight to view] Nolan seemed to kill off one of his major characters early in the film: Rachel, there was no time for tears for an old friend from Batman Begins. I would have liked Nolan to have given more respect to a main character! [End spoiler]

Well anyway, I have a feeling that I have missed something very important in this film and will reserve judgment until I have a second watch of this film. But as it stands:

GREAT performance from Heath Ledger!

Wonderful musical score!

Story line didn't seem to develop... (though there seemed to be so much potential!)

Parental Guidance?

please tell me what you think! I'd love to hear your views!


Anonymous said...

I think the point may have been missed here by the reviewer looking for a 'save the world' special. This film examined humanity's dark (get it?) side, and the hero had to face several extremely tough choices. Does he save the girl he clearly loves or the man who can bring down the crime ring that is running the city and thus save a greater number from misery and subjugation. He chose to put sentimentality to one side and do the greater good. No tears for the girl....well this wasn't exactly Bambi was it?

Another choice faced was the two ferries + explosives issue. Clearly you thought that the cons would blow the citizens out of the water, but no, they didn't. That was the weakest part of the 'worthy' moral choices in the film, in imho.

The Batman character was overshadowed *completely* in this film by THE BEST performance I think I have ever seen in a film. I'm sure there'll be people who disagree, but I reckon Ledger got so into this character that it may have led to his real world demise. The lunacy in his eyes was clear for all to see. Simply brilliant.

So, I agree on one point - Ledger, and disagree very much on all the other points. Examining the darker side of morality, this film made the viewer consider some important inner questions - to save one instead of many, and whether to sacrifice yourself (as he did at the end, becoming an outlaw) for the sake of one family. Take a look inside and assk what you would have done.

Anonymous said...

im intriqued to see what rating you give this film shaka, being as 10/10 is obv the greatest film ever made, and you gave kung fu panda (which to be fair was quite entertaining) a 9.25. dark knight was a very very good film, not a classic, but good nonetheless. and i agree with the above comments by 'anonymous'.


Mbuckingham said...

thanks both for your comments both of you, but I am not totally saying not to watch this film (I personally am going back for a second viewing) But what I'm trying to say is that it is missing a lot of the beauty that we fely in the fist film, and in other superhero movies. It's a fine film, but as I see it at the moment it's not got the emotional value attatched to the great superhero movies of our time.

But it seems as though, I may have missed out on some valuable points in the movie, and I am intending to give it a rewatch.

This review was not my final say, as I tryed to make clear.

Watch out for a final review here, then tell me what you think!

Thanks for visiting by the way!

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