Monday, 21 July 2008

Iron Man Sequel!

Looks like Marvel are on their way to a great Iron Man sequel! read what I found:

The other night, I went to the Pauley Pavilion at UCLA to watch a tribute to the Who (Pearl Jam, by the way, was amazing) and who should be sitting just a few seats down? Jon Favreau, the director of the summer's sleekest joy ride, "Iron Man." I spent some time on the set and then at Favreau's office in the weeks before the film's release, so the filmmaker stopped in the aisle after the show to chat. I even snapped a picture of him with a fan who handed me his camera. (Knowing that Favreau is a bit weary with strangers who bellow lines from "Swingers" when they meet him, I quietly advised the guy not to shout 'Money!' when the flash went off.)

As we were headed for the exit, I told Favreau that everyone is hoping he and Marvel Studios have sorted out the oddly protracted discussions about the "Iron Man" sequel. After the box-office totals and the reviews praising Favreau, it seemed like Marvel would be jumping at the chance to lock in the director. I get the feeling there was some issue beyond money involved, but I can't back up that theory when any real facts. Anyway, Favreau smiled when I badgered him about the status of the sequel. "You'll hear something soon." He and I then traded a few friendly text messages over the next couple of days, but (at this point) I can't tell you anything beyond that. I can tell you that "Iron Man" fans will be smiling soon too.

After the jump, you can find The Times story I wrote on Favreau back in May. The biggest surprise? How Dungeons & Dragons helped shape him as a filmmaker.

-- Geoff Boucher

I can't wait to see what they've got in stock!

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