Thursday, 3 July 2008

In The Name Of The King

This is the latest film by the actor, Ron Perlman, staring alongside Jason Stratham and John Rhys-Davies.

This follow the fantasy epic genre started by Lord of the Rings.

It follows "Farmer" (Stratham) as he battles an evil wizzard, who has summoned an army to usurp the kingdom, it is up to Farmer and a few of his friends to stop this devilry and restore the kingdom.

Based on the video game "Dungeon Siege".

The film was a great experience, and had great choreography, though it lacked a bit of the emotional attatchment to a few of the main characters, but certainly well worth the watch!

There is no sex and no bad language, movie is rated for fantasy violance.

Movie rating 8.5/10

out now on DVD

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