Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Max Payne

I didn't have particularly high hopes for this movie when I went to watch it, because movies made from gama adaptations, for the most part, have had quite unsatisfactory storylines, but I must say I was quite pleased with the outcome of this movie...

Storyline: 3 Stars
Quite unknown in the world of Game adaptations, this had quite an interesting storyline, and holds the right to stand up next to the movies of it's generation, I found the storyling quite drawing and not at all tedious, it had my attention throghout, and I felt as if I had spent my time wisely.
The storyline took on a rather mystical feel to it, with a slight cult or devillish feel to it, which should draw in the fans of graphic novel adaptations like Hellboy or Ghost Rider. Certainly apealled to me at any rate.
Action: 4 Stars
It is in the action that this movie really excels. Wonderful fight sequences! Great Violent streaks! you just can't go wrong!
Music: 2 Stars
The music was good enogh, did it's job and no more.
Graphics: 3 Stars
Beautiful gaphics throughout, not overdone though. But I wish they would have done a bit of work on the lighting effects, as there were point where there was a bit too much sunlight in one spot making it slghtly hard to see... Some excellent computer graphics though!
Emotions: 2 Stars
The emotional content would have been excellent in this movie, but perhaps needed a bit of patching up. You almost felt as if you were part of it, but it just didn't quite get to the state of effecting you...
Acting: 3 Stars
Mark Wahlberg did particularly well in this role, and was quite well cast. I didn't have any problems with any of the cast, it all seemed to fit in perfectly!
I really enjoyed watching this movie, and the action sequences were superb. A sure reccomend if you enjoy a good bit of action!


Simon said...

did you ever play the game!? obv not by this review.

the film was ribbish, nothing happened and whalberg didnt so much act as grump his way through the movie. the story line resembled that of the game but in contrast it rarely delivered and just seemed to drag each scene out more. this film could have been about 40mins long and no one would have cared.
zero character development meant that you didnt care who lived or died and the "twist" at the end was so obvious it spoilt what could have been an ok ending.

real let down this film, alot of potential but lazy writing, photography and directing meant it was just a 90min bore. couple of ok special effects but effects alone hardly makes a film does it?

1 star

Simon said...

oh and the distinct lack of bullet time in this film was a travesty!!!

that's what the f'n game was based around!

1 scene, with a shotgun...wow

Celebrityscraps said...

No Max Payne bullet time or signature music... Si i don't want to see this film now! :(

Mbuckingham said...

Ahh praps I'd better play the game than. No, I've never played it, But I did think the film was pretty well done!

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