Monday, 24 November 2008

My Best Friend's Girl

It's a comedy movie, and I'm not particularly crazy about comedy movies, but the whole idea of the movie is pretty funny.
Tank (Dane Cook) is put to the ultimate friendship test when his best friend Dustin (Jason Biggs) hires him to take his ex-girlfriend Alexis (Kate Hudson) on a lousy date just to show her how great her former boyfriend is. When Alexis finds Tank more fascinating she decides that she wants Tank, and wants to take him to a wedding instead of Dustin. Dustin tries to become more like Tank in an attempt to get Alexis back. In the meantime, Tank is trying to make Alexis like Dustin again, but Dustin is trying to mess up the wedding and ruin Tank's and Alexis's relationship at the same time.
Source: IMDb
Humour: 2 Stars
The comedy in this movie wasn't super-clever, but not bad for a no-brainer night out.
Storyline: 3 Stars
Nothing special about the storyline as such, but a new and interesting form of story telling.
Acting: 2 Stars
Quite a versatile cast, though no outstanding performances.
Music: 3 Stars
Pretty simple music throughout, though I thought the decision to use Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around" near the end of the movie was worth the bonus star, as it blended in wonderfully with the current tone of the movie...
I suppose the big question is whether I'd be ever wanting to watch it again... Well I'm afraid it may just lose on that point, but I wouldn't disuade you from using it as a good no-brainer laugh-out-load excuse for a good night out at the movies! [if any of that made sense :D]

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