Monday, 10 November 2008

Ghost Town

Well I guess the main selling point in this movie was that it was with Ricky Gervais, and at that, I think it excelled!

Humour: 3 Stars

The movie is relatively funny and is there to amuse. And that is exactly the effect that it gave me!

Visuals: 2 Stars

The visuals in this movie are rather plain, but that's basically all you need for a comedy movie.

Emotions: 3 Stars

This movie, however, is not all fun and games, there will be times in which your emotional strings will be plucked. The movie bares some sort of moral to it, which will make your righteous side feel like it has accomplished something.

Ricky Gervais: 4 Stars

Ricky Gervais does a wonderful job acting on the big screen, and will certainly not dissapoint his fans. All in all I rate his performance in this movie quite superb. And all praise goes to him in this movie!


This is a comedy movie in essence, so don't go with high expectations for an artistic masterpiece. The Movie is created solely for it's entertainment value, and will caause many laughs. The movie did not drag, and kept my attention for the duration of the movie. It's the perfect movie for a Gervais fan, and an entertaining watch for anyone who isn't!

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