Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Review: The Soloist

Movie Rating: 4 Stars

I purposefully avoided this movie over the weekend as it looked excessively boring... But I was quite pleasantly suprised!


The story focuses on Nathaniel Ayers, once a promising cello student at Julliard, but times were hard on him and he was kicked out by society and now lives on the street.

Nathaniel has a very interested story, full of dark secrets, a compplicated mind, and no-one to care for him... To hear more about Nathaniel, I recommend you to watch the movie!


I was slightly dissapointed with this aspect of the movie, as a biopic of a musician I would have expected a good musical score to accompany it, but this didn't really comw up with the goods...

I will say, however, there was a nice compilation of classical pieces that Nathaniel played on his cello, and will keep fan's of classical music happy.


This was one of the movie's strong points, and dwelt upon humanity and inter-human relationships.

There is a beautiful ending too, which I will not divulge to you at this present time.


It's a true story and I'm sure that will be quite sufficient evidence that it must be at least interesting... Well itt kept my attention throughout the movie!


don't go by the boring outlook of this movie, once you get in the screen you will be captivated.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Buckingham

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