Monday, 28 September 2009

Movie News: 28 Sept 2009

Pittsburgh Zombie Fest and Walk of the Dead

3D films have pumped in $1.08B into 2009 box office, 14% of YTD total. Could reach $1.5B w/ Christmas Carol & Avatar.

Pirates 4 To Be The Last For Johnny Depp?

a map of the best movies of all time

Your First Look at the New Freddy: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Teaser!

Review: Jack Said -

Polanski arrest: Lawyers just as surprised as everyone

New Poster for Edward Norton / Robert De Niro's 'Stone':

New Poster for Jason Statham's 'The Mechanic':

'New Moon' fan event planned on November 11th in the United Kingdom -

“Meatballs” Tops “Surrogates”

Roman Polanski Finally Got Arrested

Ellen Page Hooked on Roller Derby

Johnny Depp Saved Courtney Love’s Life

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