Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Hobbit Series: The Top 10 Bilbo Candidates | FanSided

The Hobbit Series: The Top 10 Bilbo Candidates FanSided

Adam Best has some interesting coices here.

this is his top choice:

1. Jim Sturgess – His star somewhat came into focus during 2007’s Across the Universe, yet he’s not nearly as famous as McAvoy, which is something the filmmakers will likely see as ideal. Much how Elijah Wood became Frodo before our eyes, they’ll want whomever to become Bilbo forever. They won’t want us seeing Mr. Tumnus or Wesley Gibson. I’m also guesstimating that like with The Lord of the Rings series, they might cast Bilbo a little younger than expected. Call it a hunch, but I think after the way Frodo turned out that Del Toro will say the same thing he said about keeping Serkis as Gollum — “if it ain’t broke.” Sturgess has the charisma and vulnerability to pull off a young Bilbo. Don’t be shocked if he nabs the role. He’s gotta be on the shortlist.

Click on the link above to see his other 9 choices!

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