Friday, 30 October 2009

Movies - News - Rhys-Davies 'won't return for 'Hobbit' - Digital Spy

Movies - News - Rhys-Davies 'won't return for 'Hobbit' - Digital Spy:

"John Rhys-Davies has ruled out appearing in The Hobbit films.

Rhys-Davies, who portrayed dwarf Gimli in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, told Empire, that he has no desire to come back and play Gimli's father Gloin, who appears in author JRR Tolkien's novel on which the new films are based.

'I've already been asked and to be honest with you, I wouldn't,' the British actor said. 'I have already completely ruled it out. There's a sentimental part of me that would love to be involved again. Really I am not sure my face can take that sort of punishment any more.'"

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