Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Movie News: 6 Oct 2009

Hollywood's 'Big Atheist Comedy' Pokes Fun at Christians, 'Man in ... http://bit.ly/aUYnO

Swiss authorities reject bail for Polanski http://bit.ly/1v2Nq1

Movie Preview: Philip Seymour Hoffman in Pirate Radio http://popsu.gr/5461577

Bond Franchise Going From MGM To Fox? http://bit.ly/mfKni

Maggie Smith Fighting To Stagger Through The Last Harry Potter http://bit.ly/gtTzT

Lunchtime reading: The Evolution Of Martin Sheen- from rebel rouser to TV president and beyond http://bit.ly/U3QR3

Call of Duty Movie Coming Our Way? http://bit.ly/1pWBGy

Tarantino may do a gangster film or western before Kill Bill 3: http://bit.ly/1WmER9

Centurion – New photos from Neil Marshall’s Roman film http://bit.ly/2cd4M6

Mark Wahlberg Makes Moonshine In Iceland http://bit.ly/NjCLi

The First 5 Minutes of The Princess and The Frog: http://bit.ly/jqfXS

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