Friday, 31 July 2009

Review: The Taking of Pelham 123

Movie Rating: 4 Stars

I think Tony Scott is a brilliant director after making one of my favorite Dakota Fanning movies: Man On Fire... So as you can imagine, I had quite high hopes for the movie, and I certainly wasn't let down!


It is a movie about a terrorist who take hostage some civilians on a train, who will be duly set free in exchange for money!

i know it's not particularly the most original story idea... But this is the movie that really brought the plot-line to life.

Starring Denzel Washington, John Travolta, and Jon Turturro.

Emotions: 4 Stars

The movie is laced with humanity and feeling... It's not a weepy but it won't let your charitable side die.

Music: 3 Stars

It's as much as you need for a movie of this size, but not going overboard.

Scott made a wise decision in using Harry Gregsson-Williams!


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and will readily recommend it to all of my readers


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