Monday, 13 July 2009

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Monday classic review

Movie Rating: 2 Stars

Every monday at my local cinema, they play a classic movie in the afternoon.. So I had the afternoon off work... So I decided to watch this movie... Not the best in the world, but there were some entertaining parts.


3 transexual entertainers decide to go on a tour of the Australian destert stopping along the way to do a bit of entertaining.
It is mainly a comedy movie and will only appeal to a small portion of movie viewers.

Starring Hugo Weaving, Terrence Stamp, and Guy Pearce.

Storyline: 2 Stars

The storyline isn't particularly the main selling point of the movie... But will nevertheless satisfy the regular comedy watcher.

MUSIC: 5 Stars

The music was the only part of the movie that really stood out to me as "classic" being wonderfully mixed with a nice selection of songs.


The movie as a whole was quite hard to like with the main characcters being quite sexually disturbing... And the whole movie was quite a dissapointment for me. Though the music was brilliant!

Shaka Movies over and out.

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