Monday, 16 February 2009

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Up until now, I've tended to find David Fincher's movies rather weird, but after watching this great epic, I've really started to understand the dude a bit better, and I find he's got a certain element of Tim Burton about him...
But I must say this movie is a pure classic! Wonderful!


On the day that Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, elderly Daisy Williams nee Fuller is on her deathbed in a New Orleans hospital. At her side is her adult daughter, Caroline. Daisy asks Caroline to read to her aloud the diary of Daisy's lifelong friend, Benjamin Button. Benjamin's diary recounts his entire extraordinary life, the primary unusual aspect of which was his aging backwards, being born an old man who was diagnosed with several aged diseases at birth and thus given little chance of survival, but who does survive and gets younger with time. Abandoned by his biological father, Thomas Button, after Benjamin's biological mother died in childbirth, Benjamin was raised by Queenie, a black woman and caregiver at a seniors home. Daisy's grandmother was a resident at that home, which is where she first met Benjamin. Although separated through the years, Daisy and Benjamin remain in contact throughout their lives, reconnecting in their forties when in age they finally match up. Some of the revelations in Benjamin's diary are difficult for Caroline to read, especially as it relates to the time past this reconnection between Benjamin and Daisy, when Daisy gets older and Benjamin grows younger into his childhood years
Source: IMDb

Starring: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Julia Ormond, and Elle Fanning. Directed by: David Fincher.

Fantasy Take

It's extremely intereresting and experimental as a fantasy movie, but it doesn't quite have all the creatures that a fantasy movie generally has, taking perhaps, a more of a drama style...

Storyline: 5 Stars

Extremely interesting story! I can't fault it at all!
Some peolple may find it a bit long, but I found enough to watch, keeping my attention for the alotted span!

Graphics: 4 Stars

Beautiful graphics, smooth, not too flashy, just perfect!

Acting: 5 Stars

Pitt and Blanchett and extraordinary, need I say more?
I also thought that young Elle Fanning performed exeptionally well... perhaps soon to be a great actress?

Music: 3 Stars

Music was pretty average, nothing outstanding...


I certainly enjoyed it, and belive it will do really well in the upcoming oscars!

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