Monday, 8 December 2008

Transporter 3

I wasn't all too keen on this movie to tell you the truth... but I never saw the two previous movies, whether that makes a difference...
There was a few things that bothered me about this movie:
1. The camera jumped around far too much, taking about 10 different angle shots in the space of a few seconds... REALLY got on my eyes' nerves... and the rest of me kind of gets a bit sad when my eyes are unhappy!
2. I found the girl a bit bothering ( minus [-]10 hotness on the Shaka gauge) ... She got on my nerves a bit too. (I guess with all these nerves getting bogged down it's getting me a bit nervous)
3. A minor thing really, but I like my movies to have a few famous names attached to them... the only name I really recognised was Jason Statham's.
There were, however, a few good parts to the movie. Statham's a great actor, there were some nice choreography parts (which I feel were a bit ruined by the camera movements).
Anyway... a message to directors: Please don't hurt my eyes like that again!

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